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Safex flame proof hoists are offered for gas group I, IIA & IIB suitable for Zone -1 & Zone-2 areas..

Safex flame proof hoists are manufactured in wide range like lifting capacities between 250 kgs. to 25,000 kgs., lifting height up to 50 mts., with various types of cross travel trolleys like power travel type, hand geared travel, push pull trolley, flexible trolley to negotiate even a small radius etc. We also specialize in supply of custom built flame proof wire rope hoists for special applications like very low head rooms, very high lifts, dual motor speeds or any other specific application.

Electrical equipment of the Safex Flame Proof hoists has a high standard of protection . This is particularly important in outdoor applications or when dust is the inflammable substance. Critical or Important components like motors are well covered due to excellent Safex design. This prevents the build up of dust on the components and helps to keep the surfaces clean.

Our Design team precise design ensures that Safex Flame Proof Hoists are easy to operate. Spark proofing features are build to ensure safe operation in hazardous areas.

Capacity :: Upto 50,000 Kg

Span :: Upto 40 Mtrs.

Height of Lift :: Upto 75 Mtrs.
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Basic Parameters
Capacity ::
Area Clasification ::
Location ::
Class & Duty ::
Height of Lift ::
Hoisting ::
Cross Travel ::
Power Supply :: 415V + 10%, 50Hz, 3 Phase A.C.

Control Voltage :: 110V A.C.

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