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Safex Goods Lift

Safex Goods Lift are of two types. One is counter weight type and other is cage hoist type. Both type of lifts are suitable for wall type canopy as well as self-supporting street structure.

Cage hoist type Goods Lift is most popular design of safex and proven to wide applications of Goods Lift.

The balancing weight type goods lift is having lifting machine with drive pully, helical gear box, motor and break. The lifting m/c is mounted at top in m/c room. The lifting is with four rope construstion and each rope has four fall counstrution. This special arrangement is made considering heavy loading and continuous operation. This is most efficient design in comparision to the arrangement of passanger lift used in goods lift by most of the manufacturers.

Every single rope is having rated capacity with min. 6 F.S. which in four fall construction will provide four times the required F.S. Hence even incase of breakage of three wire rope out of 4 nos. the cage will not fall.This is extra safety over any other conventional similar type goods lift.

Safex has unique arrangement of providing four "T" guides for balanced loading and guide rollers for smooth and efficient drive.The goods lift is being operated by push button station fixed outside the cage on respective floors. The operation logic is "lift can be called for or sent from any floor to any other floor level". The cage movement automatically stop in case if any floor door is open.The floor doors are provided with mechanical and electrical locking arrangement. Hence unless floor door is closed properly lift cannot be started.Additional gravity limit switch is provided for extra safety.In case of failure of over hoisting limit switch,power will be cut off by gravity limit switch upon over travelling of the cage.

Capacity :: Upto 50,000 Kg

Span :: Upto 40 Mtrs.

Height of Lift :: Upto 75 Mtrs.
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Basic Parameters
Area ::
Payload ::
Hoist Capacity ::
Height Of Lift ::
Speed ::
Canopy ::
(Wall/Structure Type)
Cage & Doors Detail
Entry/Exit ::
(Same/Oppsite Side)
Cage Size ::
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The Cage Hoist is specially designed for material transfer for industrial application does not confirm to any I.S. Standard.

Additional Info ::
Power Supply :: 415V + 10%, 50Hz + 3%, 3 Phase A.C. Supply

Control Voltage :: 110V A.C.

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